Heidi White, is a contemporary photo artist with a unique style all her own...
"mytrueblue" describes the artist's vision. 
"I see what is there, what catches my eye... while envisioning it differently. During the editing process I am driven by intuitive inspiration. I take total artistic freedom, adding color, texture and mood to create what is in my mind. The image is still that same familiar thing...yet it is revealed differently."
Heidi now resides on Martha's Vineyard year round and is available by appointment during the off season.    The Gallery is located at 8 Main Street Edgartown and is generally open daily from 10am-9pm from June 15th-September 15th.   
In addition to creating photographs on canvas, Heidi has developed a line of products from some of the images including a large collection of tiles….ceramic, marble and glass…which are wonderful accent pieces in bathrooms and kitchen.